Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Top 5 Reasons to Fall in Love During a Recession

Recently, a male friend of mine (who, by the way, is much cuter than Chuck Woolery, host of Love Connection, above) discussed the difficulties of dating in the current economy. As he, along with many others I know, continues to search for a job, the cost of dating - the dinners, drinks, shows, etc - seems like a fiscal "don't." Additionally, there is the pride factor - many individuals are reluctant to seek partners with a less than stellar financial situation. However, I disagree. Here are the Top Five Reasons to Fall in Love during a Recession:

1. No One Cares That You're Broke. Many people worry about being chased/valued only for their wealth. Well, that is not the case in this economy, where broke is the new pink. Enjoy being appraised by prospects for your looks instead!

2. You Have A Great Excuse to Stay In. Though not recommended for the first date, it is much more acceptable to invite someone to come over earlier in the dating process. Pick out a movie and show off your cooking skills, and maybe you will even get some necking in after your parents fall asleep.

3. Drinking Is Much More Acceptable During a Recession. Not good on first dates? Feel nervous thinking about the first kiss? Well, drink up! With stress plaguing the masses, everyone is a bit more understanding if you have one martini too many. Repeat after me: "The Recession made me do it."

4. Lavish Is Out: Forget dinners at Daniel and drinks at the Rose Bar. Instead, this economy is the perfect environment to explore more, ahem, rustic establishments and dive bars. If you are the type of lady who hates heels or gentleman that hates ties, this is your season! Dressing down or going to more casual establishments can really allow for more relaxed conversations and honesty without pretensions.

5. You Are Not In the Foxhole Alone. Everyone is feeling the pains of economic woes. A shared feeling of being sort of "in battle" together through this difficult time can do wonders in fostering and growing a relationship. Plus, it is a great common ground for conversation if you are on a first date with someone (sure beats "That is some weather we've been having...")

In my Weekly Freebies and Cheapies blog entries, I list out free/cheap dating opportunities on a weekly basis. Rest assured, your author is taking full advantage of these tips. The economy is a great time to find love. Nasdaq might be down, but your stock is up, Recessionista!

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  1. "Necking. . . after the parents fall asleep." Perhaps living with the 'rents is the new black?