Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beating the Sunday Blahs

I have found that many Recessionistas have a difficult time with Sundays, evenings especially. The weekend is virtually over, and work stress steals your last moments of freedom. Stop checking your email, put down the work, and let the laundry wait until tomorrow. You deserve every last moment of your weekend. Here are a few ways to enjoy this evening on the cheap:

1. Phone a friend. Sunday evening is a very good time to call friends you meant to call during the week (don't feel bad - it happens to the best of us.) Plus, because your pal likely has the Sunday blahs too, he/she will be especially thankful for a chat.

2. Indulge Unashamed In Bad Television. Many Recessionistas live very busy lives that afford little time (or interest, for that matter) for television. Regardless of your vice (Law and Order, ESPN Sports Center, Real Housewives of New York), this is the night to enjoy guilt-free. Go ahead and turn on Lifetime Movie Network, no one is watching.

3. Get Hot. Create a little at-home spa time. Run a bubble bath or enjoy a steamy shower, and end your weekend with a quiet evening of relaxing and grooming. You can even get really creative and throw together your own "at home" spa products to enhance the experience. Here are a couple of recipes.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup oil (almond is ideal, but vegetable or olive will work too)
1-2 Tablespoons of Vanilla Extract.

Combine the ingredients in a pretty bowl and lavish on your skin in the bath or shower. Rinse and smile - you just saved the $30 you would have spent at the Origins counter.

Creamy Rose Bath

1 Cup Rose Petals OR
1/2 Cup Rose Water (found in health food stores)
1/2 Cup Coconut Milk

Add ingredients to a warm bath and drift away. You would pay $50-100 for a similar experience at the Spa.

4. Cook. Sunday evening is the perfect time to enjoy the quiet solace of the kitchen and prepare delicious entrees (on a budget, of course) for the week ahead. After all, the Sunday blahs might be bad, but the brown bag blahs are worse! (P.S. Look for our upcoming series of Recessionista Recipes!)

5. Get Nostalgic. Make yourself a mug of tea with milk and honey or pour yourself a glass of red wine, then sit down with that big old memory box collecting dust in your closet, and enjoy a proverbial walk down memory lane as you look through photos, cards, and love letters from the ex you un-friended on Facebook.

Recessionista Tip of the Day: Whether shopping at the mall or the grocery store, the ease of the credit/debit card can create a false sense of infinite money supply and lead to unplanned and usually unnecessary purchases. Make a list of what you need and bring CASH (only enough to cover the cost of the items).

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  1. Recessionista can cook?!? I'll be waiting for some good recipes!