Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recessionista Week In Review

You've had a busy week, Recessionista! Since we don't think that a demanding schedule should rob you of a single Recessionista tip, here is a weekly blog recap to make sure you don't miss out:

1. Cooking at home is not just for June Cleaver and Betty Crocker. Learn how to cook a tasty meal for your friends on a budget - cocktails included!

2. I've been known to sign off a relationship with my spin on the Nietzsche line, "Romance is dead, and you have killed it." In an effort to provide a little romantic direction without extravagant expenditures, check out how to write a romantic or loving letter to express yourself on the cheap.

3. Sure, you know that St. Patrick's Day provides you with an excuse to drink mid-week, but I'll bet you know very little about the man and the holiday. We remedy that with enough information to impress your friends through bar time.

4. Movie night in does not have to be the same old bag of Orville Redenbacher popcorn and Anchorman DVD (no judgment). Recessionista Roadmap shows you how to recreate your own art cinema at home on a budget. Just don't be surprised if your friends try to buy admission tickets!

5.Who doesn't love a deal? This week's freebies and cheapies include free breakfast at Ikea and simulated samples sales at Always worth a perusal!

Recessionista Tip of the Day: With spring break season in full effect, I wanted to include a note about rental cars. Prior to your trip, shop online for the best rate and book a reservation (most places do not even require a credit card to do this.) Next, call your car insurance company to determine exactly what coverage you have (I usually play the "worst case scenario game" - "so, if I total my rental car and someone else's vehicle, am I covered?") Depending on your coverage, you may be able to decline the insurance offered by the rental car dealer - a HUGE savings! (PS -Do NOT even think about taking the gas option they offer you.)

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