Thursday, March 19, 2009


Spotlight: Movie Night

These days, the price of a pair of movies tickets feels more expensive than the two speeding tickets I received this summer! Spare yourself the unnecessary outing (and the 1200 calorie tub of popcorn) and reinterpret the theater experience at home, with the fabulous Recessionista twist. Bonus: You can leave those annoying teenagers who usually sit behind you and throw popcorn off the guest list.

Budget: $40 (for 6 people)

Movie Selection: Be aware of your guests' preferences (not everyone loved Titanic, Recessionista!) To avoid the mid-movie chatter, try to select something that everyone has not seen before or in a very long time. I recommend checking out classic or independent films from the library and creating a theme around them. For instance, plan "A Night with Humphrey Bogart" and show Casablanca and Sabrina.

Menu: Keep it simple yet elegant with an alternative to the standard popcorn and jujubees. Pair a few delicious yet inexpensive wines with a French picnic style spread, and your guests will feel that you provided a lavish cinematic paradise rather than a ho-hum evening in. Plate the cheeses, slice the baguettes, uncork the wine, and voila! Une soirée parfaite!

Shopping List (NYC prices = most expensive):

1 bottle Alamo Malbec (Argentina): $9

1 Bottle Jacob's Creek South Australian Chardonnay (Australia):$6

1 Package strawberries: $5

1 Container of Nutella Hazelnut spread: $6

2 Baguettes: $4

1/2 lb Brie or Soft Cheese: $5

1/2 lb Gouda or Hard cheese: $5
Total: $40

Lesson learned: An affordable night in can be a memorable, fabulous experience with a little thought and effort put in prior to the evening to provide a sense of occasion.

Recessionista Tip of the Day: You wouldn't get married to a person for convenience alone, so that should not be the sole reason for selecting a bank either. Many banks charge ridiculous ATM fees and monthly surcharges, and, frankly, these are just not your type, Recessionista! Do your homework and do not settle! Especially in today's economy, these banks should court you! You're worth it, after all.

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