Monday, March 23, 2009

Living La Vida Broke-ah

If the creators of South Park can come up with hundred of ways to "Kill Kenny," one can imagine that there must be many other sites that offer valuable deals, discounts, and overall tips to fabulous living on a budget. Recessionista Roadmap wants to arm all of the masses with these, and we will continue to spotlight blogs and websites that can contribute to a positive outlook on life during dark economic times. Here are a few of note:

Popsugar: This website offers fabulous up to the minute tips on beauty and lifestyle, entertaining, technology, and, for the uber-indulgent Recessionista, a plethora of celebrity gossip. With special offers and fantastic tips, this is one to check out when you need a break from perusing

Wisebread: Who wants stale, dried-up financial advice, when a deliciously-written, starchy alternative is a hop, skip, and click away? Wisebread offers daily savings tips that, while entertaining you, can help increase the, er, dough in your pocket.

4 Reluctant Entertainers: I've met Martha Stewart and can honestly say there is only ONE of her in the world. Time to get realistic. However, the reality is Recessionistas can throw fabulous parties, be tremendously creative, and accomplish all of this on a budget. This website is loaded with excellent examples and lessons learned. It's a good thing.

Recessionista Tip of the Day: So, you can't quite kick your Starbucks habit - no judgement, Recessionista! However, instead of falling prey to the green and white cupped monster, try a quick stop by Dunkin Donuts instead. A Venti latte at Starbucks will run you $3.65, where the DD equivalent is $3.29. This minor switch saves you $131 annually. If/when you give up your daily DD habit, you save, brace yourself, $1200, yes, twelve hundred dollars. That overburnt office cup of joe never tasted so good, right?

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