Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Words Are Cheap

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a Poetry Reading in honor of the Feast Day of John Donne, the English Poet. During the course of the evening, and in addition to the work of Donne, other poets were introduced. Below, I have included a contemporary, not-yet-well known work by the Seattle-based poet John Brehm, because, during a recession, creative outlets are key and it is imperative to see cheap forms of inspiration. Plus, a little bit of culture never hurt anyone! Enjoy and thank you to Recessionista Kat for introducing me to this amazing poet...

Over and Under by John Brehm

So sexy to slide under-
neath a river,
to sit inside this
snakelike sub-
subway car and
freely imagine
the world above—
the Brooklyn
Bridge invisibly
trembling with the
weight of its
own beauty,
the East River
still guided by
the grooves
Walt Whitman's
eyes wore in it,
the bulldog tug-
boats pushing the
passively impressive
barges around,
and the double-
decker orange
and black Staten
Island ferries,
with their aura
of overworked
and beyond them
the Atlantic Ocean
which I lately learned
was brought here
by ice comets three
billion years ago,
which explains
a few things, like
why everybody
feels so alienated,
and of course
the thoughts being
thought by every
person in New
York City at
this moment—
vast schools of
undulating fish
curving and rising
in the cloud-swirling
wind-waved sky,
surrounded by
the vaster emptiness
of non-thought
which holds them
and which they try
not to think
about and you
lying in bed in
your sixth-floor
walk-up sublet
on St. Mark's Place—
such a breath-
taking ascension!
imagining me
rising now to meet you.

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