Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Top Five Freebies and Cheapies

Every week, I scavenge the Internet, US cities, nay, the world to bring you, my beloved, the best freebies and cheapies that life has to offer. (P.S. I promise to include at least one "date" offering for my penny-pinching friends who know that lack of income should never mean lack of love!)

1. Free Love-in: Chicago Recessionistas looking for love in the written word take note - Loose Leaf Tea Loft is hosting a free Poetry Love-In event this evening, featuring readings from poets including Sid Yiddish, Lee Grobman, and others.

2. Cheap Wine: It does not have to come in a box, Recessionista! Check out for outstanding deals and helpful buying tips.

3. Cheap Mea Culpa: New York magazine features an apology from Michael Osinski, a former Lehman Brothers and Wall Street Fat Cat, as well as an explanation of how we found ourselves where we are with the economy. (Warning: this article, with all its good intentions, can get a little esoteric at times - oy, acronyms!) By reading this article, the next time you hear someone say, "How did we get here," you can say, "well, actually, I know exactly how we got here..."

4. Free Help Finding a Job: Take one ounce of Monster, mix in a dash of Craigslist, and sprinkle in a bit of Facebook. Voila! You have, a site that will serve up a range of job opportunities without the mass quantity of spam you have grown accustomed to from other sites.

5. Cheap Shoes: So, cheap is a relative term. However, when a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps crosses the Recessionista Roadmap at a drastically slashed price of around $200, we have to let our lustful fashionistas know.

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