Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Spotlight: A Night Under the Stars

By the time April has come around, most of us will do anything that we can to get outside and enjoy the warming temperatures and signs and smells of spring. Though April evenings can sometimes get chilly, my friends and I would not let that deter us from hosting parties and events outdoors in early spring. For those Recessionistas looking for an antidote to spring fever, consider hosting a group of friends for a glamorous but budget-friendly take on the drive-in cinema.

Since you will be hosting the theater and providing the venue for a sizable crowd, lower costs by asking guests to bring an appetizer to pass and a bottle of their favorite spirit for this starry night soiree.

Cost: $200/20-30 guests

What You Will Need:

  • A Recessionista movie screen - $99*: Recessionista found this amazing deal on one that is not only reasonably-priced, but super easy to set up at http://www.yardtheater.com/home
  • A movie projector - $99*
  • Your laptop (just plug into the project - EASY!)
  • A favorite DVD

Tell Guests to Bring:

  • 1 Bottle of favorite spirits and mixer if required
  • An appetizer to pass
  • A blanket or two

Set-up is easy, and the tone of the gathering can be as casual or elegant as you prefer (choose an appropriate film to match your theme - it is a bit awkward to sit through Team America in a black cocktail dress, as I can attest through personal experience.) Despite the initial cost of equipment up front, you will be able to replicate this theme party and offer different versions throughout the good-weather months. Even if you only use the equipment 4 times this season, it breaks out to $50/party and you can not beat that!

The magic of a night with friends under the stars beckons nostalgia, enchantment, and the creation of new and lovely memories. Under the blanket of night, rest easy...you are amongst friends.

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