Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Top Five Freebies and Cheapies

Every week, I scavenge the Internet, US cities, nay, the world to bring you, my beloved, the best freebies and cheapies that life has to offer. (P.S. I promise to include at least one "date" offering for my penny-pinching friends who know that lack of income should never mean lack of love!)

1. Free Personalized Radio. This was a fantastic discovery of the week! Pandora prompts users to enter the name of a favorite song or artist and will immediately begin playing songs and artists similar to the the one you entered. I put in Lady Gaga, and, in addition to hearing her latest "Poker Face," I was treated to music from M.I.A., Rhianna and more. You can create multiple stations and infuse multiple artists into your station. Watch out, Samantha Ronson, there is a new DJ in town!

2. Free Reason To Smile. For the .02% of you have not yet met Susan Boyle, check out this uplifting tale.

3. Cheap Groceries. If you can pull yourself away from searching the millions of reduced cost books for sale at Amazon, you can utilize a $25 off coupon for grocery purchases of $69 or more. You don't even have to use your Greenpoints (sorry, inside joke for NYC Recessionistas!)

4. Free Ice Cream. Our favorite left-wing cats out of Vermont are sharing the ice cream wealth on Tuesday, April 21st. Saunter out to your local Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop for a free ice cream cone from noon to 8 pm, and you may find yourself having a Howard Dean "yee-haw" moment!

5. Free NYC Haircuts. This is a secret I was tempted to myself. The Carsten Institute of Hair and Beauty, an Aveda teaching school offers free(!) haircuts, reduced hair color (think $30), and more from morning until 3:30 pm on Tuesday-Friday. Call and make your appointment today with a graduating student!

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