Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Top Five Freebies and Cheapies

February 26, 2009

Every week, I scavenge the Internet, US cities, nay, the world to bring you, my beloved, the best freebies and cheapies that life has to offer. (P.S. I promise to include at least one "date" offering for my penny-pinching friends who know that lack of income should never mean lack of love!)

1. Cheap Glamour: Even during the Great Depression, ladies still put on their faces. However, if the idea of spending 30 dollars or more on a tube of lipstick causes you to cringe, spare yourself the crows-feet promoting expression and check out With prices starting at $1, don't mistake the low cost with a lack of quality. Special thanks to Noura for sharing this beauty "secret!"

2. Free Performances: All Hail, my DC Recessionistas! In case you are mulling about the nation's capital feeling like your only free entertainment option is to come up with a cause to protest and picket for, think again. The Kennedy Center offers free performances to the public every night! Given the multi-cultural nature of the performances, this is a good opportunity to bring a date to show that, while you are broke, you are at least worldly.

3. Cheap Elegant Dining: Beginning this weekend, Seattle kicks off its "Dining Around Seattle" celebration, a month-long showcase of many high-end Seattle restaurants on a prix fix of $30 for dinner, $15 for lunch. Take the money you saved on lipstick and dig in!

4. Free Harvard Degree: Ok, not really. However, a little known secret is that you can download coursework and even lectures from Harvard and other schools for free. Download, read up, and impress your friends with an hour lecture on thermodynamics next time at the bar - a crowd pleaser, to be sure! Also, check out

5. Free P. Diddy Vodka: Everyone gets free Chiroc vodka this Sunday, March 1, at the LGBT party "Spritz at the Ritz", at the Ritz on 46th between 8th and 9th Avenues, NYC. DJ Jon Jon Battles hosts this no cover dance party. Smells like a wild, Recessionista-approved good time!

Recessionista Tip of the Day: Keep your change. Clean out the bottom of your purse, the ashtray of your car, and between the cushions on the couch, and store them in an empty jar or that Ming Dynasty vase you were looking to put to use. Before you know it, you will be able to afford to pay for your own drinks at the bar*

*converting coins to cash highly recommended prior to bar order placement


  1. those pennies also come in hand when trying to pay the cabbie in all coins. hey - money is money, right? times are tight!

  2. I'm so glad Renee posted your blog on her Facebook page. I am now OBSESSED with the ELF website!!