Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going Green With Little Dinero

Ever since "An Inconvenient Truth," becoming environmentally-conscious has become extremely en vogue. Still, one sashay down an aisle of Whole Foods, and it quickly becomes clear that doing the right thing for the environment might be economically unfriendly. Here are five ways to be a friend to the environment while still being kind to your pocketbook:

1. Transportation: Whether it is cross-country or cross-town, it can be pretty expensive to get from Point A to Point B these days. Well, Recessionista, it is time to get creative! With the weather turning warm and lovely, channel you inner Green diva and get outside - walk, bike, or, if you are extra daring as the author of this blog, invest in some retro rollerskates and turn your town into your very own roller derby rink!

2. Recycle. Okay, so you already throw your empty cans of Red Bull into your special blue bin, and that is great. However, a common vesicle that you toss into that same bin on a daily basis can be used again and again before it is offered up to the Recycling gods. Specifically, the containers you purchase that delicious, designer water in can be rinsed out and reused. Simply refill (if you hate tap water, use a Brita filtered pitcher to refill, Miss High Maintenance!) and put in the refridgerator until your parched, diva self needs a guzzle.

3. Electricity. Summer brings on warmer temperatures and extra electricity devoted to air conditioning. Although I recommend using air conditioners sparingly, you can save additional power by turning off lights and lighting candles instead. Get in the habit now, then you will be clear of conscience and of the contrived when you bring that special someone home and leverage a little "mood lighting" to set the evening's tone.

4. Periodicals. Although the New York Times might be in financial trouble, you need not go and purchase your weekly paper copy in an attempt to single-handedly save them. Major publications with online editions of their paper counterparts receive big bucks from advertisers. Save a tree and spend time perusing the Style section on the web instead. Plus, you will save yourself the coffee splotches on the print edition.

5. Disposibles. Recessionista, you have way overworn those 1998 Juicy Couture sweatpants anyway...ditch the so-five-minutes-ago JLo trend, and cut that little terrycloth number into reusable cleaning clothes in lieu of paper towels. Not only will you save yourself the extra cost the Brawny man insists you need (no matter how good he looks in flannel, trust us, you do NOT need to buy disposible, tree-wasting paper towel!), but you can feel good for doing your part to save the environment. Juicy would approve.

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